Welcome to the 2018 – Fresno Radio Modelers (FRM)

Clarified Field Flyover Guidelines effective February 26, 2018

Presidents Corner

Hello all FRM Members and RC Flying Enthusiast,

The weather is fantastic and the wind conditions are excellent, but then again, any day at the field is a great day. I welcome you to come and take advantage of it.

Well, the month of March was brutal. I was attacked and challenged by some club members who want to complain just to complain.  They want to dwell on the things we cannot do and not see all the events and activities we can do.  Just a few reminders of what they could participate in:


1. Help built the new Ave 12 Gate.
2. Help paint the new gate.
3. Help take down the West fence.
4. Help put up the Tarp [Changed to April 25th].
5. Help with the pit area maintenance.
6. Help with the fund raiser events
7. Help with the Pot Lucks
8. Participate in the War Birds Event
9. Participate in the Mentor Program
10. Participate in Manchester Gate Event
11. Participate in Combat Events
12. Participate in U-Line Events
13. Participate in Car Racing
14. Participate in the New AMA booth
15. Participate in the Fun Fly’s
16. Participate in the Fun Meetings
17. Participate in the Float Fly
18. Participate in the Drone Racing and Obstacle Course
19. Participate in the Pilot Instructor Program
20. Participate in anyone of the committees

These are just a few of the programs and events we have scheduled. Yet, some members are saying we are dying and not growing. They cannot see the forest because of the trees. They want to be negative, even nasty.

Well, I say too bad so sad. They are just a few and there are a lot more members who are positive and energetic. I’m still going strong and putting things together. Thank you for all your support.

We had our first Event at the Manchester Gate School. It was a great success. Only a few members showed up showing off their planes and drones. The crowd went wild seeing us fly and the kids had a great time looking through the goggles or playing on the simulator we set up. I had a fantastic time. I want to personally say thank you to the Vice Principle Mr. Daryn Sassano for inviting us.

At our next business meeting, we will vote on the New By Laws. Talk about the Fund Raiser which got postponed due to weather and address some issues which came up last month.

I want to ask all members to help Wednesday the 18th 25th. It’s time to put up our tarp. We need young strong men to climb up on the scaffolds. The more, the easier for us to do it. OB will be providing Pizza. The club will provide the drinks. It’s nice to have the tarp up and safer. Lol

Thank you again for all the support and positive feed back. Don’t let a few bad apples ruin your day at the field. We welcome all members and visitors. (there were a lot of vistors who came by just to watch what’s going on) There are many able pilots ready to help you with what ever you need.

Happy Flying,
Aaron Flores
FRM El Presidente

Our objectives are foremost on having fun, skill development; while, respecting the safety needs inherent with any flying aircraft.

We generally fly Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. We welcome all newcomers to the model aviation hobby as well as experienced flyers. If you want to learn to fly, contact via email one of our club leaders who can connect you with an instructor pilot. No plane – no worries, we can provide an intro training flight and help you get a feel for the controls.

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