Welcome to the 2018 – Fresno Radio Modelers (FRM)

“The Fresno Radio Modelers are Alive and Well, and Still Flying at Avenue 12”

Clarified Ag Field Flyover Guidelines effective February 26, 2018

Presidents Corner

Hello all FRM Members and RC Flying Enthusiast,

I hope everyone is doing well. Wow, it’s hot. If the temperature is 105 at the field, then it’s 120 on the runway. It still doesn’t stop the hard core group. The mornings are cooler and most of us are getting there early to take advantage of the nice cool breeze, but by 11:00am, it’s hot and by 1:00pm it’s really hot and windy, you better have enough water to drink. My kids bought me a new thermo-flask for those hot flying days. It keeps the water cold and the ice doesn’t melt. What nice kids we have.

This Business Meeting we will be talking about the New AMA Convention on November 2nd. We need to find out how many members are interested in a charter bus. I should have more information on what it will cost per member, which includes the bus ticket, the AMA ticket, plus all the booze you can drink. Hahaha, you wish. Just the bus ticket and the AMA ticket. The more members go, the less it will cost. We are thinking about inviting the Visalia Club and see how many of them are interested. I hate to ask, when we are not sure how many of us are going. Plus we will discuss current club events. We are still having a raffle, come win some prizes.

 The Millerton Lake Free Pass does not have enough participants to justify having them do a class for us. If you are still interested in getting a free pass, we are going to do it on a one to one. Let me know and I will set you up with Stephanie, The Park Ranger who can get you qualified as an Official State Park Volunteer.

 Things are running pretty smooth and we keep getting compliments on how nice our field is. I want to thank everyone for all the hard work we do to continue making our field the best flying field in California. I know it’s hot, but it doesn’t stop others and me from flying.  Sure your plane over heats, the motor run hot, the batteries are pushed to their limits and the covering peels off, but the camaraderie is great. The members are what make our field the best RC Flying Field in California.

I look forward to seeing you at the field and the business meeting.
Keep flying and happy landings.

Aaron Flores

FRM El Presidente


Our objectives are foremost on having fun, skill development; while, respecting the safety needs inherent with any flying aircraft.

We generally fly everyday, but consistently on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. We welcome all newcomers to the model aviation hobby as well as experienced flyers. If you want to learn to fly, contact via email one of our club leaders who can connect you with an instructor pilot. No plane – no worries, we can provide an intro training flight and help you get a feel for the controls.

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