Welcome to the 2018 – Fresno Radio Modelers (FRM)

“The Fresno Radio Modelers are Alive and Well, and Flying Still at Avenue 12”

Coming September 29, 2018 – Beginning at 9am – RC Warbirds and Custom Car Show

Warbird Event – Volunteers Sign Up Here

ALERT – Harvest Season has started and effective immediately no flying over the east Orchard on Sundays; UNLESS, drone surveillance can assure the orchards are clear for flyover.

Presidents Corner

Hello all FRM Members and RC Flying Enthusiast,

Wow, the weather has been hot hot hot. I flew my drone on one of the hottest days and the electronics melted. It was nice to see a nice cool day of 99 degrees last Sunday. We still have the Die Hard Members coming out and flying. I guess nothing keeps us from having a great time.

This month business meeting should be short and sweet. Everything is smooth flying. Almost have the incorporation of the club done. We are waiting on the Secretary of State to send us all the paper work and then on to the Franchise Tax board, followed by the IRS for our 501(C)(7).

We will be having our first Annual Raffle/Swap Meet/Auction. Called The Legend of Winning. Where everyone wins. It will be held at the Fun Meeting at Denny’s on August the 16th @ 7:00pm. If you show up you get a free raffle ticket (you win). You can buy more if you like. If you win a raffle prize, you can keep it or auction it off for cash. (you win), plus 10% goes to the club, the club wins and who ever buys it, wins. You can set a starting bid. You can also bring something to sell or auction it off. Either way, the club gets 10% of the sale. We welcome all members and everyone is invited and anyone can participate and win.

To start things off, I will personally donate the Spit Fire I am holding in the picture. It’s ready to fly and flies great. I flew it Sunday. Only needs your radio and receiver. It’s a nice ARF/Kit. Full composite by CMP (China Model Planes). Starting bid only $25. You read that right, only $25. It’s in perfect condition. I’m also getting feed back from other members who also want to donate planes, radios, engines and miscellaneous items. I have many planes that just sit in my garage not being flown. It’s time I get rid of them to make room for new planes. Lol… I’m sure you have some planes or equip just sitting there. Bring it down and donate it or put up for auction. Anything donated will go to the raffle. This is sure to be fun (everyone likes winning) and I hope it grows to something big and bigger every year. For more information get a hold of Bobby Arriaga (559)790-4512 VP & Raffle Coordinator.

There were a lot of changes this year to our club. Some good and some better and things are still changing. Change is good. As the hobby is changing so must we also change to keep up with new technology and new rules. I know it takes time to accept new changes and some people never change. I wish things could be the same time and time again. As I look back at the best times I had in the hobby, I miss those days. I will say, I enjoy the new changes and making the path for new and better flying. We are in a point of this hobby to see the new wave of things to come. I embrace the new technology, because it’s all about having fun and learning new skills. Both with new planes and new and better equipment.

I look forward to seeing you at the field, the business meetings, the events and the fun meetings.

Keep flying and always happy landings.

Aaron Flores

FRM El Presidente


Our objectives are foremost on having fun, skill development; while, respecting the safety needs inherent with any flying aircraft.

We generally fly everyday, but consistently on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. We welcome all newcomers to the model aviation hobby as well as experienced flyers. If you want to learn to fly, contact via email one of our club leaders who can connect you with an instructor pilot. No plane – no worries, we can provide an intro training flight and help you get a feel for the controls.

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