New Field Status

New Field Search:

The Fresno Radio Modelers is actively searching for a new field location.  The primary reference point will be within 20 miles of Herndon/Blackstone with a variance of plus 5-10 miles in the sphere of influence to this perimeter.

To assist in this endeavor, FRM is asking all members to forward any leads to this sites webmaster.  Researched leads if viable will be added to the ongoing google map that references several layers of information; (1) Existing RC Fields within 70 miles; (2) Existing Full Size Airfields; (3) Identified New Field Location Opportunities; and (4) a 20 hexagon that reflects the 20 mile perimeter.

Unfortunately, Google has requested payment for use of their mapping system and the interactive map is no longer available – attempts will be made to embed an image of what we’ve been looking at.

FRM New Field Interactive Map

Visual PDF of FRM New Field Possibilities

Note, in the PDF visual, the “X”‘s represent possible locations that the committee approached, prepared an extensive cost-benefit documented proposal; but, for which these were ultimately rejected due to conflict with existing business operations and infringements.  Other pending locations remain open.  And all members are encouraged to notify via the open blog on potential field opportunities.

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  1. Conrad Nerdahl says:

    This is the first posting to the new field committee

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