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Effective October 22, 2018, the effort to find a new field for the FRM club was abandoned at the suggestion of the FRM Board.  It was conveyed to the committee that there is no longer a viable interest or exigent need to further the efforts in acquiring a new field.  In part this is due to the improved extended relationship with the neighboring farmers, the solvency of the current agreement with a generous property owner; and, a change in the current flying policy.

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  1. Dale Grant says:

    In light of all model aviation interests, the current field is no longer viable for all model activity.

    As has been noted that the current boundaries set by the membership, and then further action taken by the executive board has hindered a substantial percentage of larger and more structured activities.

    Also noted is the reason for the changes was to mitigate any action by the adjacent property owner, and to further keep peace and keep the current field, until such time as the lease expires.

    These actions have resulted in at least a 25% reduction in membership, and have displaced members that have spent decades within the club, and donated countless hours and monies toward making it what it is.

    Also given the fact the land is in some sort of legal contention, and even with a current lease in effect, there’s no guarantee this club will be able to continue at it’s current site.

    There was never any talk or anything put on a board agenda to cease a search for a new site. Quite the contrary, there was only one board meeting held within the whole year of 2018 to my knowledge, and all actions were taken without the full board being aware of them.

    The action of ceasing a search for a new site is contrary to any growth of this club. It’s totally discouraging to know there will be a club field where there will be NO competitions, NO practice of aerobatic manuevers, NO meaningful purposeful activities, NO Jets, NO Scale planes, NO IMAC planes, along with that NO funds or income that are associated with the above mentioned events. Therein was the backbone of the funds that are currently in the treasury.

    This year has brought an abysmal amount of income in the way of fund raising, contrary to the rah rah we hear, I would welcome an audit to compare this years income to even 5 years ago… and how that was generated.

    This is the future of FRM for the next 12yrs if in fact the current lease even is valid that long… of which we don’t know.

    Certain people saved the field, now it’s up to certain people to save the club. Look for your dues to increase, as that will be the only way to even remotely sustain that high end property that we can’t freely fly over.

    Fortunately many of us have found new fields, and some of them come with clubs already. It’s sad to see FRM laying down and not seeing the future for what it is.
    FRM had so much talent, we’ll have to wait and see where it goes. I will continue being a member for the time being for my own personal reasons, after that only time will tell.

    [This commentary is not reflective of the clubs general consensus. There are challenges with sustaining a working relationship with the neighboring property owner. It is for those reasons the club has had to redefine the flying parameters; and, it is unfortunate that a certain segment of fliers is adversely affected.]

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