Rules – Club Racing



  1. The World Models Sky Raider Mach II. ( Unmodified, except as noted herein)
  2. Color may be changed. (by paint or recovering)
  3. Any size AMA legal spinner or spinner nut.  (including stock spinner)
  4. Any Fuse. Mods. ahead of the firewall are allowed.
  5. Any size and make of fuel tank (muffler pressure only) no bladders or crankcase pressure allowed.
  6. Must weigh 68 oz. dry, ready to fly.
  7. Must have Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, and Throttle Controlled by servos (any appropriate size).
  8. May use more if desired including mixture control on engine.
  9. Any appropriate hardware may be used. Must use Stock landing gear struts.
  10. Engine must be upright. Any thrust angle. Any commercial, 2 ¼” min. Dia.
    Wheels (2) may be used. No wheel pants or spats.

O.S. LA .46 (Natural or Blue) Must be stock. Must use muffler supplied with engine. Baffle may be removed and muffler may be secured together by any means. No exhaust extensions permitted. Exit hole may be enlarged or reduced, but exit pipe must be in tact. There will be two (2) classes flown, Novice and Expert.

Prop is a stock Boli 9.5 X 7 supplied by contest official. Props will be returned at the end of the days racing. If it is damaged during the races, it will be replaced with a new one or paid for ($ 5.00) by the pilot.

Race Procedures:
Heat races will consist of eight laps around two pylons approx. 550 feet apart. There will be a flying start on a 30 second countdown. A pylon cut or start cut will result in the loss of one lap. Three cuts results in a zero for that heat.

First place=5 points, Second=4 points etc. No duplicate frequencies will be allowed. Check the FRM Website or with the race coordinator for a list of currently used frequencies.

FRM Club fuel will be supplied. (15%) There will be a nominal entry fee to cover the cost of fuel.

Race Numbers:
7” tall contrasting color on bottom right wing panel. 3” tall on both sides of fuse or fin and rudder. Check for available numbers.

Updated Dec. 3, 2010
By John Lockwood, approved by Bryan Freeman, race coordinator.