Rules – Electric Class Racing



  1. Any model pre-approved by the National Miniature Pylon Racing Association (NMPRA) for Electric Formula One (EF1) Pylon Racing. See list of pre-approved ARFs and kits.
  2. Note: Color of ARFs may be changed by painting and/or recovering. Individual color schemes are encouraged.
  3. All aircraft must have a Race Number displayed on the bottom of the Right wing. Number should be large and easy to see. Number may also be displayed on other parts of aircraft. No duplicate numbers will be allowed. There will be a list of number being used. You may choose your own number or simply use the last two digits of your A.M.A. number.
  4. Weight of model must be a minimum of 3.25 lbs.
  5. Model must have Aileron, Elevator and Rudder controlled by servos of appropriate size and torque.
  6. Any appropriate hardware may be used.
  7. Landing gear must be fixed. Wheels must be a minimum diameter of 2.25” and .70” wide. Aircraft must have a steer able wheel, no skids. Wheel pants are optional.


  1. Any pre-approved brushless outrunner. See list
  2. ESC must be commercially available and be rated at 60 Amps or higher. BEC is optional
  3. ESC shall have a “safety start” feature that will not allow the motor to run until armed.
  4. Battery shall be a commercially available Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery.
  5. Motor battery shall have a maximum of 4 cells (14.8V), and all cells shall be contained in shrink tubing. 2650 mAh is recommended.
  6. There shall be a means of positive retention of the battery pack within the airplane to prevent it from shifting during flight
  7. Propeller shall be the APC 8 x 8 Thin Electric Propeller, part number LP08080E.
  8. Spinner must be a minimum of 1.5” diameter.

Race Procedures:

Heat races will consist of eight laps around two pylons approx. 550 feet apart. There will be a standing start approx. 45 degrees to the course. A pylon cut or start cut will result in the loss of one lap. Three cuts will result in a zero for that heat. First place=5 points, Second=4 points etc. No duplicate frequencies will be allowed. Check the FRM Website or with the race coordinator for a list of currently used frequencies.

Pre Approved Aircraft :

  1. E-Flite Shoestring 15e, ARF.
  2. E-Flite Pogo LR1 15e, ARF, (discontinued)
  3. Great Planes Proud Bird, ARF.
  4. Nitro Planes Miss Dara, ARF
  5. The World Models Outrageous and Scarlet Screamer, ARF
  6. Matney Models Thunder Chicken, kit.
  7. Matney Models Miss Lynn, kit.

Pre Approved Motors:

  1. E-Flite Power 25 1250kV
  2. O.S. 25 3820-1200
  3. Great Planes Rimfire EF1 Race 35-45-1250kV
  4. Turnigy AerodriveXp 25 SK Series 35-42 1250Kv (discontinued)
  5. NTM Prop Drive Series EF-1 Pylon Racing Motor 1300kV
  6. Arrowind 2820 1300kV


Note: The Fresno Radio Modelers (FRM) Electric Class Club Race Rules are based on the rules set by The National Miniature Pylon Racing Association (NMPRA) for Electric Formula One Racing. The rules have been modified to better fit our field and club race procedures.

Respectfully Submitted by:

Bryan Freeman