Flight Deck – The Eagle has Landed (Rescheduled)

April 21, 2018 @ 9:00 am – 1:30 pm
Guy (FRM) Field
38403 Ave 12
Madera, CA 93636

(Event Rescheduled from March 24 due to rain)

All Interested Flyers are Welcome in this Fly-a-Thon;

The goal of this project will involve interested pilots executing as many Landings, Runway Rolling, and Takeoffs (LRT’s) as they can up to a maximum of 40 per flight. Each pilot will seek donations from sponsors relative to each LRT they anticipate achieving or up to a $20 maximum donation per sponsor – essentially 40 LRT’s. (Note, there is no limit on the number of sponsors a flyer/pilot can bring in).

This event will partner any age of a new interested flyer with a more seasoned flyer. This partnership will serve several objectives; (1) introduce a non-flyer into the sciences used in model aviation and also serve as a spotter/counter for the pilot of the craft, (2) provide the pilot with a repetitive landing, rolling, and takeoff skill exercise and explain to the spotter how this is done, (3) forming a mentor-trainee partnership, and (4) create an event that engages everyone in the overall fun and challenges of model aviation as a learning tool. This is not a timed event as the objective is to have fun, practice, learn, and engage.

Proceeds will go toward the Advancement of Science through Model Aviation; by, reaching out to interested High School and Jr. High and Elementary students; as well as, Adults interested in Radio Control Aircraft.  A Pilot Raffle will be included along with a lunch for the Pilot and Student Spotter.

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