Fresno Radio Modelers was founded in 1957.

We are and have been proud supporters of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics)  A national organization that helps represent model aviation enthusiasts in Washington and works with the FAA to derive good framework in which we can continue our hobby.

As for some brief history – Back in 1957, radio control depended on large bulky tube radios with heavy dry cell batteries.   Servos essentially were large escape-type rubber band wound movement.  Proportional control was non existent and most craft were an evolution of free-flight models with a rudder-only escapement control.

How it worked; everything started out with a straight rudder; then, one-click for left, another click for full-right; then another click for center.   The pilots had to repeat this movement and most craft were built with dyhedral to derive constant lift.  The rudder was kicked in to establish direction and kill lift; essentially bringing the craft into a constant declining elevation and turn.

Radio’s eventually evolved to smaller more portable transistorized single channel boxes such as the Echo-1 transmitter – here’s a link to some video on how it worked:  Single Channel Escape Controllers

Then in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s; Kraft RC introduced their yellow box proportional transmitters with proportional control. Albeit, this was a major leap forward in radio control and hobbyists purchased other brands like Heathkit, Royal, Hobby Shack, Futaba, Hitec, and JR controllers.  The list is comprehensive and the RC expansion had started.

By 2010 we entered the current age of electric craft, digital computerized RC, and brushless motors with smaller more efficient batteries (LiPo, LiFe etc.).  The motors evolved from CD Drives in computers); and you know the rest with all the 2.4ghz band radios such as the FrSky Taranis X9d Computerized Open-TX Radio or the Turnigy 9xr or Spectrum DX9; along with JR’s and Futaba’s and a whole bunch of other radios.

The Fresno Radio Modelers was right there growing with this hobby since 1957 and flew at various locations.  One of which was Fresno’s Woodward Park on the back slope that overlooks the river.  This was challenging given the location and pilots were stressed not to crash in the middle of Friant Road.

But, in the mid 1980’s, the Fresno Radio Modelers had to vacate Woodward and search for a newer location and found a friendly couple (the Guy’s) out on Avenue-12.  Rumor has it Mrs. Guy was a pilot and transported new aircraft to destination points in WW-II and the relationship was great.   On occasion you will find Mr. Guy out at the field watching some of our events.

We’ve had a series of ongoing solid membership with some who have stood out in this hobby reaching national attention (John Lockwood, Dave Fusinato, Mark Taylor, and George Silva) to name a few.  (email the WebMaster with updates to this list).

Ours is an ongoing club always adapting to new trends and technologies.  At our field, you will find  Turbines (Jets), electric powered craft from Jets to older planes, Helicopters, Gas engines and Nitros, Drones, and an RC Car Racetrack.

If it’s Radio Controlled, we’re involved.

  • If you like RC; please contact us and get involved.
  • If you want to learn how to fly; please contact anyone of the board members.

We’d rather you learn to fly in the sky than pilot your RC Craft into the ground.  You will often find us flying on Weekends, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s (mornings: 9am to about 2pm)

Come on Out

FRM Summary of our 60th Anniversary Event