Publicity Committee

FRM Publicity Committee

Role/PurposeTo communicate club events and specific information including the following elements to both internal and external parties:

Type of MediaTo accomplish the above the Committee will utilize the below elements:

  1. Print-Both through the FRM newsletter, prepared articles for local newspapers/magazines and including the AMA monthly magazine.
  2. Broadcast-Through contacting the local radio and television stations well in advance of the planned event.
  3. Electronic-Through insuring the planned event is available on the FRM Website.
  4. Other-Utilizes known external sources such as other clubs newsletters to communicate the planned event.

Committee Members (for 2018)

How to get an event publicizedIf publicity for planned events (either sanctioned or not) utilizing Guy Field is required, it is the responsibility of the Contest Director or person in charge of the event to complete the FRM Event Publicity Information Formlocated on the FRM Website under “Forms” It is to be completed and given to the Publicity Committee Chairman no later than 60 days prior to the planned event.  Note that the event planner is to coordinate with the Event Committee to avoid conflicts and insure coordination of any Snack Bar requirements are made.



WFH/March 24, 2016