Flying Rules

Rev 9

1)      These rules are applicable to all persons at the field when flight operations are in progress.

2)      The OFFICIAL AMA NATIONAL MODEL AIRCRAFT SAFETY CODE, latest edition, is a part of these rules.

3)      All pilots must operate aircraft from behind the safety fence or from pilot boxes, if so marked. Pilots must communicate intentions/situations to other pilots, i.e. Landing, Take off, On the Runway, Dead Stick, Lost Control, etc. in order to ensure all pilots are aware of any hazards or traffic.

4)      All pilots must display their AMA card with the FRM/CCRC membership sticker when they are flying at the FRM/CCRC field.

ALL Aircraft shall be operated on FCC and AMA approved model aircraft frequencies; and, comply with any applicable FAA Regulations.

4)      Flight Pattern. Fixed Wing Aircraft:

  1. The flight pattern shall be a clockwise or counter-clockwise oval, depending upon wind direction.
  2. If wind direction is not a factor Flight pattern will be that of the first plane in the air, unless all pilots agree to change direction.
  3. All flying shall be north of the paved runway, except for takeoffs landings or announced touch and goes.  No High Speed Low Fly-Bys.
  4. In no case, except emergencies, shall a fixed wing aircraft be flown south of the paved runway. For purposes of this rule, the runway is considered to be of infinite length.
  5. Pilots flying acrobatic maneuvers are responsible for assuring that such maneuvers do not interfere with other aircraft.  (NOTE – effective October 11, 2018, an e-board decision was made to suspend all aerobatic flying that comprises a sequence of maneuvers by any size aircraft at anytime.  This is applicably relative to IMAC, NSRCA, and AMA-NATS Aerobatic pattern sequence practice.  Otherwise, aerobatics in a non-sequence practice format is still permissible. The reasons were to avoid random encroachment of flyovers with the adjacent property to the east of the field.  More info can be found on this linked document.)
  6. A maximum of 4 (four) aircraft is allowed in the air at one time, except during special events*.

5)      Flight Pattern – Helicopter Pad.

  1. Helicopter flight operations shall be conducted at the helicopter pad at the west end of the parking lot.
  2. The flight pattern shall be that agreed upon by all pilots present.
  3. Helicopters shall not be flown North of the South edge of the fence line or East of the helicopter pad.
  4. No flying is permitted closer than 200 yards from the North side of Avenue 12.
  5. Pilots flying acrobatic maneuvers are responsible for assuring that such maneuvers do not Interfere with other aircraft.
  6. When flown from the fixed wing runway; helicopters will be flown in accordance with the flight pattern rules for fixed wing aircraft.

6)      Piston engines and electric motors may be started in the pit area but shall not be run at full power.

7)      Gas turbine engines or Giant Scale aircraft shall not be started or run within the pit area. All starting shall take place in the run up areas at the east and west ends and at the center of the pit area. Jet/Prop wash shall be directed away from the pit and spectator areas.

8)      Due to fire danger, the use of rocket power is not permitted.

9)      Taxiing in, into or out of the pit area is not permitted.

10)  Do not turn on transmitter prior to having the frequency stick**. Pick up frequency stick only prior to flying aircraft. As a courtesy, please return frequency stick when finished with each flight.  ** Does Not Apply to 2.4 Gig Radios.

11)  All aircraft will be supplied with a spinner or safety hub. No needle nose spinners allowed

12)  No fueling or running of aircraft allowed under shaded spectators area or on picnic tables.

13)  No unsupervised spectators are allowed in pit area. For safety reasons ALL children are to remain in the spectator area unless closely supervised by an adult.

14)  ALL Pets to remain on leash or otherwise confined at all times.

15)  Parking is allowed south of the spectator area only.

16)  The Contest Director (CD) of an event shall assure that each participant, who is not a member of FRM, is given a copy of these FRM Flying Field Safety Rules. CDs, at their discretion, may establish any Contest Only rules deemed necessary to assure safety during an event. CD shall assure that each participant be provided a copy of/or verbal instruction on these and any additional rules.

17)  Any member observing violation of these rules is responsible for bringing the violation to the attention of the individual breaking the rules, in a helpful and courteous manner. Repeated violations may be brought to the attention of the Executive Board for such action as may be deemed appropriate under the circumstances.

18)  * A maximum of 4 aircraft of any type in the fixed wing pattern and a maximum of 4 helicopters in the helicopter pattern (Total of 8 aircraft) may be in the air simultaneously. Float or seaplanes flying at the pond are in addition to these maximums.

19) Link to Orchard & Ag Employee Flyover Guidelines

20) Link to Suspension of Sequential ARESTI Aerobatic Maneuvers.

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