FRM Field – Safety Flying Parameters

When Flying:

  • Effective June 30, 2017  – Flying over the orchard at the east end of the runway is limited to  takeoff and landing approaches only.
  • You may fly (landing and takeoff) over the east orchard only when the flag is down and there are no people or vehicles in sight.
  • No  flight maneuvers or routine patterns may be initiated over the orchard beyond landing or takeoff approaches.
  • Please ensure you have someone help spot you and look for the unexpected appearance of Ag employees.
  • Spotters, please ensure you communicate with the pilots and advise them of potential hazards.
  • Keep in mind if you see any people or vehicles in any other parts of the fields we usually fly over give them the right of way. If you cannot completely keep clear of them, land your plane immediately.
  • Make no assumptions on what you cannot see in the orchard; fly safely!

Your assistance is appreciated.